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 Using Lino

 Teacher Tool

Teacher Use Only:

Tool is either unavailable for student access or requires PII beyond directory level to create accounts. Teachers may create their own accounts for instructional purposes.

Grades: N/A


Terms of Use

Privacy Policy

This information last checked: 10/21/2016





Getting Started 

Lino is a free service that allows teachers to create a canvas of online multimedia sticky notes for brainstorming, collaborating, or assessing student knowledge.  In addition to basic text, the sticky notes you place on your canvas can contain videos, images, and file attachments.  Unlike some similar sticky notes services, Lino allows you to alter the size and color of your fonts.  You can use Lino's built in calendar tool to set due dates on your sticky notes.  Teachers can share lino canvases with students who can post without signing in to an account.


Lino Homepage





Learning How  

Click on "Information" to share a lino with students by providing a hyperlink.  Use "Preferences" to change the privacy settings.

Lino Link and Preferences




Ideas for Use   


Fifty Ways To Integrate Lino In The Classroom

1. Brainstorming a concept

2. Classifying objects in a lesson

3. Comparing and contrasting an idea (colors or sides of page)

4. Sharing and building a web link collection

5. Developing a character in a novel

6. Listing properties of traits

7. Setting up a group project

8. Posting a nightly question looking for feedback from home

9. Picture sharing wall on a subject or area

10. A wall of questions that students may have

11. A project or assignment board

12. Get feedback from students or the world (Posting a Board URL on Twitter can get feedback from many people)

13. Reviews of a book

14. Feedback on Peer Presentations (Note rules of naming and digital citizenship)

15. Suggestion Box

16. A Resource Wall for a unit of study

17. Vocabulary Listing (could even have students add pictures)

18. Pros and cons of a subjects or idea

19. Quiz and test question prompts

20. Student project posting

21.  Essential or Driving Question posting with reflection allowed

22. Socratic Seminar points

23. Calendar for project with posted reminders

24. Web Quest board

25. Student theme based board

26. Story and sentence starters

27. Grammar/Vocab correction boards (Teacher posts incorrect and students post corrections)

28. Board of debate stances on a certain topic

29. Pictures posted to provoke thought

30. Entry board for Project Based Learning

31. Community connection board for project

32. Story builder with sequence of pictures

33. Website review

34. Data collection board

35. Field trip posts from mobile devices

36. Assignments for a differentiated classroom by group or task

37. Focus on writing short to the point sentences (Since stickies have a character limit)

38. Collaborative note taking

39. Short poems and even include pictures

40. Student organizer

41. A collaborative story

42. Student postings of  concepts and vocabulary not understood

43. Listings in categories of parts or speech and word types such as synonyms

44. Listing of phrases such as idioms

45. Links to student work

46. Links to resources

47. A student multimedia project posted on a board using links, pictures, videos

48. Movable stickies (rank order, match, timeline)

49. Web and Mindmapping

50. Portfolios.





Provide multiple means of

Representation (Content)


Provide multiple means of

Action and Expression (Product)


Provide multiple means of

Engagement (Process)



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