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Leveraging Technology for Differentiation

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Outcome: Participants will explore digital tools which support the guidelines and principles of UDL in the classroom. 


  • Introduction to UDL (10 Minutes)

  • Exploration of Tools (20 Minutes)

  • Debrief of Tools and Lesson Analysis (30 Minutes)
    UDL Curriculum Self Check 





UDL Guidelines 2.0

CAST UDL Online Modules

UDL Interactive Learning Wheel

UDL and the Curriculum

ODL Resource Wiki Toolbox Index- Search by tag 

Framework for Teaching and UDL Crosswalk






UDL Guidelines 

Examples and Resources 

Explanation and Rationale 

I. Provide Multiple Means of Representation
- Perception

-Language, expressions, and symbols 



  • Screencast-O-Matic 
    Create video directions, tutorials, etc. for student access

  • Padlet
    Create a padlet wall containing information in various formats



Streaming Video (explored more in-depth during the Streaming Media workshop)

           Closed Captioning, Playback, Quizzes 

           Board Builder, Closed Captioning, Playback


UDL Examples and Resources 


II. Provide Multiple Means of Action and Expression

-Physical action

-Expression and communication

-Executive function



UDL Examples and Resouces 


III. Provide Multiple Means of Engagement 

-Recruiting interest

-Sustaining effort and persistence




BCPS One Lesson Tiles 


BCPS One Discussions


BCPS One Test & Quizzes 


UDL Examples and Resources 




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