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eBooks, Interactive eBooks and Audiobooks in Destiny Discover (redirected from eBooks, Interactive eBooks and Audiobooks in Follett Shelf)

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Also see the Destiny Discover Resource Page.


*UPDATED 11/26/2017*


Table of Contents


General Resources  

  • Follett eBooks, Interactive eBooks, Audiobooks, Interactive eBooks and LightBox enhanced eBooks are accessible via Destiny Discover. 
  • Digital Resources in Destiny Library Manager support resources - comprehensive list of resources for librarians and users 
  • Destiny Read App for reading eBooks offline at home ; eBooks must first be checked out online in Destiny Discover online at school.


Getting Started with eBooks and Audiobooks in Destiny Discover

  • The Big Picture:  How it Works
    • All books, eBooks, and audiobooks in a school's library collection are cataloged in Destiny.
    • eBooks and digital Audiobooks in a school's Destiny Library Catalog are displayed in Destiny Discover, a comprehensive search and browse interface comprised of "all of the student-facing Search and eBook functions."
    • Materials in a school's Destiny library collection are organized on "ribbons" in Destiny Discover, including these eBook formats:  
      • Lightbox (enhanced eBooks), eBooks (Follett eBooks), Audiobooks (Follett Digital Audiobooks), Interactive eBooks (eBooks from publishers other than Follett)
    • eBooks open in the Destiny Discover eReader, a browser-based eReading environment which offers readers many features such as text-to-speech (if offered by the eBook publisher), bookmarking, highlighting and note-taking.
    • The Destiny Read App can be used on various devices (computer, tablet, smartphone) to read checked-out eBooks offline (without Internet connection).
    • Use these resources to learn more: 


Finding eBooks and Audiobooks in Destiny Discover/Destiny Classic

  • Accessing eBooks with Destiny Discover from Destiny Classic
  • Reading an eBook in Destiny Discover  
  • To search for Follett Digital Audiobooks, type "audiobooks" in the search bar and press the enter key or magnifying glass in Destiny Discover or the "Keyword" icon in Destiny Classic. 
    • Audiobooks in a school library collection may include Playaways (the audiobook on a small MP3 player including earbuds) and Follett Digital Audiobooks. 
    • Playaways are displayed on the Books ribbon in Destiny Discover,  labeled as Recorded Sound with the MP3 player/earbuds on the cover illustration and Call # prefix PLY.
    • Follett Digital Audiobooks are displayed on an Audiobooks ribbon in Destiny DIscover, labeled as Follett Digital Audiobook, with a Play button located to the right of the title. 
      Digital Audiobooks are played in the same Destiny web-based eReader as eBooks. Users must log into Destiny to check out/listen to a Digital Audiobook.


Playaways in Destiny Discover 

Playaways in Destiny Classic 

Digital Audiobooks in Destiny Discover




What Types of eBook Materials Can I Find in Destiny Discover?


  • Follett eBooks - eBooks which open in the Destiny Discover eReading environment.
  • Interactive eBooks - eBooks from various publishers which open in the publisher's browser-based eReading environment.
  • Lightbox eBooks - enhanced eBooks from Follett that incorporate videos, Google Maps, worksheets, audio, quizzes and more to provide a full digital learning experience.
  • Follett Digital Audiobooks - play in the same Follett eReader as Follett eBooks. Feature a human reading voice.


App for Accessing eBooks, Interactive Books and Audiobooks 


Setting Up eBook Reading Paths


NEW!  Destiny Collections

Add eBooks and other resources to a curated collection of resources for student access.


Collections - Follett Quick Reference Guides:


Additional Resources: 


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