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Feedback and Assessment Tools Workshop

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Feedback and Assessment Tools





Workshop Description: Participants will learn about ways technology can facilitate the formative assessment feedback process. They will explore digital assessment tools that provide feedback to support differentiated instruction.


Outcome:  Participants will learn about digital tools that facilitate the feedback assessment process in order to support for Students and Teachers Accessing Tomorrow.


Indicator: Participants will be able to use web tools effectively in teaching and learning. 


Prerequisite Skills: Basic computing skills: file management and word processing basic computer skills, basic Internet skills



  • Introduction 
  • Asssessment Tools & Technology
  • Tool Overview
  • Tool Exploration
  • Supporting Instruction 
  • Exit Ticket





What formative assessment strategies do you use in the classroom?





Explore and Share: Every Pupil Response Tools     







  Reflection: Supporting Instruction and a Learner-Centered Classroom















  • When can you use these tools during instruction?
  •  How can you use these tools to upport a learner-centered classroom?







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