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Beware of the Overshare

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Beware of the Overshare


Teachers  Students 
  • Don’t post student images or work samples from your personal accounts.

  • Ask yourself “would I be okay if a student or supervisor saw this?” before posting.

  • Check the opt-out forms on file for students before sharing their name, image, or intellectual property on your professional accounts.  If possible, take the extra step to seek parental permission before inclusion.

  • When representing your school, post topics of relevance to the school community.



  • Protect your private information.

    • Do not post too many identifying details. Think about what is safe to share in your online profile.

    • Do not share your address, phone number, school name, or social security number.

  • Pause before you post.  Avoid responding in anger, frustration, etc.




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