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Databases for Digital Learning in Grades 6-12

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Databases for Digital Learning in Grades 6-12




Workshop Overview

Outcome: Participants will learn about the content and features of BCPS-licensed digital content in order to prepare for Students and Teachers Accessing Tomorrow (STAT).

Indicator: Participants will be able to use BCPS digital content for grades 6-12 to facilitate student learning and research.

Description: Participants will become familiar with BCPS digital content resources for grades 6-12 and educators by:

  • Examining the content, media formats, and features available in each database for grades 6-12 and educators.

  • Using the interface and organization of each database to search/browse and locate resources for teaching and learning.

  • Using database content, features, and learning supports to facilitate student content learning and research, and to personalize learning in a blended environment.

  • Creating direct links to specific database content for student access via BCPSOne and other digital learning platforms.

  • Locating and using support materials for each database.


  • Kelly Ray, Resource Teacher - Office of Digital Learning   kray@bcps.org 


















  1. What is digital content? 

  2. How is STAT changing the role of digital content in teaching and learning? How can digital content support CCSS, content learning standards and P21 skills development? 

  3. Why should teachers and students use digital content? 

  4. Key features and learning supports included in BCPS digital content.

  5. Accessing BCPS-licensed digital content and support resources.

  6. Databases for Grades 6-12: Overview, standards alignment, content & features, navigation, learning supports, reading levels/Lexiles, locating/creating direct links for BCPS One Lesson Tiles.

    • On-screen tour of each database presented by instructor. Guided practice and exploration of each database: 

      • Practice searching, navigation, and using database features.

        • Locate content relevant to your curriculum units and appropriate for your students. 

      • Peruse Snapshot & Support Resources available for each database. 

        • Identify useful resources for future reference. 

  7. Professional Learning databases: Overview, quick on-screen tour.

  8. Reflect & Share: DLU Reflection/Optional Exit Ticket



Database Man from joyce valenza on Vimeo.



Reflect, Act & Wonder


  • Complete Reflect, Act & Wonder exit ticket and share responses.
    •  REFLECT:  Which database(s) are you most excited about using with students in your classroom? How do you think using BCPS digital content will impact student learning in your class?
    • ACT:  Which database(s) would you like to explore further, using the Digital Content Snapshots & Support Resources or with support from your school library media specialist? How could you share what you have learned about 6-12 digital content with colleagues?

    • WONDER:  What questions do you still have about BCPS Digital Content?

 DLU Reflection



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