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Screencast O Matic

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Screencast-O-Matic Logo

 Using Screencast-O-Matic

 Teacher Tool

Teacher Use Only:

Tool is either unavailable for student access or requires PII beyond directory level to create accounts. Teachers may create their own accounts for instructional purposes.

Grades: N/A


Terms of Use

Privacy Policy 

This information last checked: 10/21/2016




Getting Started 


Screencast-O-Matic is a simple online tool for recording your computer screen.  Recording your screen allows teachers to create tutorial or instructional videos which can be downloaded.  Teacher users can upload finished videos to the internet for 24/7 student access.  Screencast-o-matic works in Internet Explorer.  Teachers should follow the ScreencastOMatic Directions.docx to download.  Students should not create accounts in Screencast-o-matic and should not download the app.   


Learning How 


Illustrated Guide for screencasting

A tutorial on how to create your first screencast



Ideas for Use 


  • flip the classroom and offer content before the lesson
  • tutorial videos for students on complex topics
  • how to video explaining a new initiative to parents
  • instructional videos delivering content so students can access it again 
  • offer personalized feedback on work 
  • students create math videos sharing their method for solving
  • students think aloud through a piece of complex text to share with other students 




Provide multiple means of

Representation (Content)

  Create tutorial videos that students can access from home 24/7 when they need help 

Provide multiple means of

Action and Expression (Product)

      Students read and think aloud as a fluency or comprehension assessment 

Provide multiple means of

Engagement (Process)

Flip the classroom and offer content to students prior to the lesson 


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