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3x3 Links

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3x3 Link Logo

 Using 3 x 3 Links

 Teacher Tool

Teacher Use Only:

Tool is either unavailable for student access or requires PII beyond directory level to create accounts. Teachers may create their own accounts for instructional purposes.

Grades: N/A


This information last checked: 10/21/2016




Getting Started 


3x3Links is a minimalist, shareable internet start page that teachers can use to curate resources for their students.  By creating a 3x3Links page teachers can manage their students by providing access to pre-selected materials needed for a lesson.  


3x3 Example

3x3Links minimalist look makes it easy for students to navigate

Learning How


A tutorial on 3x3Links

Ideas for Use  


  • Present material to students ahead of time
  • Provide links for students to review concepts
  • Use as a portal for ongoing research sources
  • Create a 3x3Links that students can access when they need/want more information 
  • Populate with websites to support a blended lesson




Provide multiple means of

Representation (Content)

  Give students links to content in multiple forms (ie. images, videos, audio, text)  

Provide multiple means of

Action and Expression (Product)


Provide multiple means of

Engagement (Process)

     Give students links to resources they need to access during a blended lesson


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