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ActivInspire Logo

 Using ActivInspire

 Installed Software Logo

Installed Software:

Tool is installed on BCPS computers and does not collect any user information.







This information last checked: 10/21/2016





Getting Started 


ActivInspire allows users to create interactive presentations that can be manipulated in different ways to engage students.  Some of the tools included in the program can be used to assess student learning (like the express poll and containers) and manage classroom activities (through tools such as a timer, spotlight, and ticker-tape). ActivInspire will be part of the image loaded on all BCPS devices including student devices.


Learning How 




What do you want to do?


Collect and Analyze Data with ActivExpressions Self Paced Questions 


Tutorial Flipchart

Self Paced Questions

Generated Questions 


Other Supporting Resources

Using LRS

Updating ActivExpressions to Enable Self Paced

Self Paced Questions Sample



Support Visual Learning


Tutorial Flipchart

Supporting Visual Learning Lesson


Other Supporting Resources

Resource Library

Downloading Resource Packs

Resource Background

ActivInspire Setup for HP Revolve and Other Touch Screen Devices

Camera Magic



Deliver Multimedia Content 


Tutorial Flipchart

Delivering Multimedia Content


Other Supporting Resources

Permanent Links from Safari

Sample Flipchart

Adding Sound to Flipcharts

Sound Across Multiple Pages

Recording Your Own Sound

Making an Object Play a Sound

Video Recorder

Screen Recorder

Embedding Video

Importing PowerPoint Slide Shows to ActivInspire


Ask Effective Questions with ActivExpressions and ActiVotes  

Tutorial Flipchart

Effective Questioning


Other Supporting Resources

Express Poll Key

Using LRS

Connect ActivInspire to BrainPop

Registering Your ActivExpressions

Getting to Know ActivExpressions

Why Use Ad Hoc Questions?

Sorting and Likert Scales

Numeric and Text Answers

Using Question Templates


Create Student Centered Interactive Activities 


Tutorial Flipchart

Interactive Student Centered Flipcharts


Other Supporting Resources

ActivInspire User Guide

Container Examples

Container Keyword

Restrictors Overview

Horizontal and Vertical Restrictors

Restrictor Paths

Restrictors: Blockers


Rotate: Making a Pie

Making a Maze




ActivInspire Workshop Materials

Lighthouse Training Workshop

Introduction to ActivInspire Flipchart


P21 Skills Website




Ideas for Use


  • Check out Promethean Planet for thousands of pre-made flip charts you can use with students.
  • ABC Teach also has hundreds of flip charts you can download.
  • You can even find ideas on Pinterest




Provide multiple means of

Representation (Content)

  Use ActivInspire to sort geometric figures into different categories.

Provide multiple means of

Action and Expression (Product)


Provide multiple means of

Engagement (Process)

  Students use ActivInspire to help display money amounts.   


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