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World Book Student

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World Book Student

 Using World Book Student

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Table of Contents:




Tailored for upper elementary, middle, and high school students, World Book Student includes all the articles from the print versions of the World Book Encyclopedia, plus thousands of additional articles, multimedia, learning resources, and research tools.


Target Audience: Grades 5-9

Content Connections:  Supports all content areas 



Standards Alignment

  • Select Educator Tools at top of home screen for standards correlations.



Content & Features

  • Research Tools:  Compile, create, and save your research projects with World Book's research tools.  These include the Citation Builder, How to Do Research, My Research, and Timelines.

  • Biography Center:  Find subjects for your biography project. Start by selecting a category.  These categories may include Inventors, Explorers, Painters, World Leaders, Athletes, and Authors.

  • Quizzes and Activities: Links to different quizzes and activities for the user to complete.  Links are titled Trivia Quizzes, Surf the Ages, and World Book Featured Sites.

  • Behind the Headlines:  Includes links to current events, which are updated frequently.

  • Explore:  Explore World Book's rich collection of articles, tables, maps, and multimedia on the world.  Links include Explore Maryland, Explore the USA and Canada, Explore the World, and Compare Places.

  • Most Popular Articles:  Includes links to the most popular or searched articles in World Book.  These change depending on searched content.

  • Featured Video:  a daily informational video is featured on the front page. 

  • Atlas: a clickable Atlas that provides enlarged images of the selected areas as well as links to Articles and Resource Guides. 



  • Search/ Advanced Search:  A large white search box is located on the top right side of the screen.  Students can enter keywords to search by.  The Advanced Search feature, located right nest to the Search feature, allow to a more specific search that could include lexile range and types of content.  
  • Topics: Topics such as Research Tools, Biography Center, and Behind the Headlines are available underneath the search box.  
  • Other Ways to Find It: Presents users with additional search features such as By subject, Alphabetically, or the Dictionary
    • Images & Videos:  Search by Title, or by  using the clickable Atlas.


Learning Supports & Tools 

  • Translation of all articles into over 20 languages
  • Read-aloud feature 
  • Citation: Citation styles are provided at the end of each article.  Users may choose from MLA, APA, or Harvard citation styles to copy and paste into their works cited list.
    • The citation builder provides the user with a clear format of how to cite the sources they are most likely to encounter (printed and online books, reference sources, magazines, newspapers, etc.). The citation builder offers Modern Language Association (MLA), American Psychological Association (APA), and Harvard bibliography style formats.
    • Clicking on the Citation builder directs the user to a drop down menu to select the type of citation they wish to create or save. User must be logged into My Research to "save" a citation. Users have a choice of selecting citation types listed as article from encyclopedia, website, book, work of visual art, article from a magazine, article from a newspaper, podcast, blog, film or video recording, government publication, World Book "Back In Time" article or World Book "Special Report", and personal interview.
    • After selecting a type the user is directed to a list of blank boxes and required to fill in the appropriate information...i.e. authors name, article title, publication date, and whether print or online. Click the create citation button to receive the formatted citation. User may also click the clear all fields button to re-enter information, make corrections, or create another citation.
  • Dictionary:  World Book Student's dictionary is based on the World Book Student Discovery, with thousands of illustrations and pictures. The dictionary can be accessed from the Dictionary homepage, accessible from the link on the homepage of World Book Student, or by doubleclicking a word in the site, which will bring up the definition in the dictionary overlay.
  • My Research: World Book Student's My Research page is based on individual log-in and IDs set up by the user. World Book articles, images, life skills activities, Web sites, and timelines can be saved to a user's My Research account, with separate folders for different projects. 
  • Lexiles: Click the Contents link below an article title to see its Lexile score.  Use Advanced Search to narrow searches to a Lexile range.


Tutorials & Guides


Educator Resources

  • Educator Tools:  Select this link at the top right of the World Book Student Homepage to go to a page with links to 

    • Curriculum Correlations

    • Graphic Organizers: Download and print graphic organizers for classroom learning.

    • Lesson Plan Links: Professionally prepared lesson plans and activities

    • WebQuests 

    • Professional Links: Curricula standards, professional education associations and educational literature

  • Direct Linking:  Select the URL from the browser address bar; users may need to authenticate by clicking on the World Book Student icon on BCPS One > DIgital Content before accessing direct links.




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