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World Book Advanced

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World Book Advanced is an online encyclopedia reference database that includes informational content in encyclopedia articles, magazine articles, atlases, and more including multimedia informational content. 


Target Audience: Grades 6-12

Content Connections: World Book Advanced supports ALL content areas.   



Standards Alignment


Standards correlations are available from For Educators at the bottom of the home screen, on the Educator Tools page. 


Content & Features


World Book Advanced contains a vast array of informational content and many features that will help students research topics and gain understanding of what they are researching. 


  • Encyclopedia Articles that number over 26,000 and are edited to meet the educational level of the targeted age group. 
  • Magazine articles from EBSCO Content Solutions (from the last three years) that are linked to World Book Advanced articles in the Related Information section.
  • Picture and Illustrations that support World Book Advanced Articles. There are over 10,000 images and animations used to illustrate examples in the article text. 
  • Sounds are included as related audio clips to support information in the encyclopedia. 
  • Video and Animations are also included to support information in encyclopedia articles. 
  • Special Reports are in-depth, feature articles that are related to current events and timely topics. 
  • In the Headlines provides current events news from Reuters News RSS feeds.  
  • My Research users can create a private profile to  save their research using a user created password and username. 
  • Primary Sources are included in the form of letters, documents, books, speeches, articles, records, interviews and images. 
  • Citation Builder allows users to keep track of what information they used in an easy-to-use format for citing sources. It uses MLA, APA and Harvard bibliography style formats.  
  • eBook collection of thousands of full-text, English language fiction and nonfiction from different regions of the world, and in multiple languages such as Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese to name a few. eBook content is available through the E-book Center, and available for download to various eReaders and devices, as well as reading within a web browser.  




  • On the Main Page:
    • Search Box is the user's area to input their search keyword(s).
    • Advanced Search allows a user to customize or limit their search by content or source, Lexile measure, or perform a Boolean Search. 
    • Research Tools offers links to a dictionary, atlas, and other relevant links for students. 
    • Create and Share offers student links to My Research, Citation Builders Pathfinders and Timelines. 
    • In the Headlines offers current events news content from Reuters News RSS feed.
    • E-books Center links to thousands of full-text eBook content. 
    • Your Most-Viewed Articles has a link to the most-viewed articles 
    • Primary Sources has links to and a search area for primary source documents. 
  • Within an article:
    • Introduction gives an overview of the topic. 
    • Citation Information links the student to the citation for the current article. 
    • Tools are options for students to gather and use the information that they are currently viewing. Options include: 
      • Print full article
      • Save article
      • Save to My Research
      • E-mail article
      • Highlight search term 
    • Related information offers links to other encyclopedia articles, questions, books, Back in Time Articles, Special Reports, Web sites, and Magazine Articles that are related to the topic. 
    • Search box is the user's area to input their search keyword(s).
    • Advanced Search allows a user to customize or limit their search by content or source, Lexile measure, or perform a Boolean Search. 
    • Contributor lists the article's author. 
    • Citation gives the citation for the article in three formats. 


Learning Supports & Tools


Lexiles/Reading Levels: 

  • Within an article, the Lexile score is displayed under the "Article Contents" hamburger menu at top right of screen. 
  • Users can also use Advanced Search to narrow their search to a specific Lexile range.  
  • For more information about Lexiles, visit the Lexile Resource Page on this wiki.


Tutorials & Guides



Educator Resources


Direct Linking: Copy the URL from the browser address bar. *Users may need to authenticate by clicking on the World Book Advanced icon in BCPS One > Digital Content before accessing direct links.



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