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 Using Wordsift

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Level 2 Tool

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Getting Started 


Wordsift is much more than just a word cloud tool because Wordsift identifies and "sifts" out the most important words in a piece of text.  These words appear larger than the other words in the cloud. Wordsift allows users click on any word in the Wordsift and access the WordNet® visual thesaurus and Google search results.  



Learning How 


A video tutorial to create a Wordsift using Dr. King's "I Have A Dream" speech


Ideas for Use


  • text analysis
  • vocabulary preview
  • preview common core lessons for important verbs
  • literacy support
  • assessments




Provide multiple means of

Representation (Content)

Visualize a speech, report, or other body of text as a cloud of words arranged by frequency.   

Provide multiple means of

Action and Expression (Product)

      Students analyze the word cloud in order to determine the main idea(s) of a variety of non-fiction text. 

Provide multiple means of

Engagement (Process)



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