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 Using VoiceThread

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Level 1 Tool:

Tools that are essential to curriculum and are under contract with BCPS.







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Getting Started 


VoiceThread is an application in BCPS One which allows you to place images, videos, documents, and presentations at the center of an audio conversation. These conversations are not live; they take place whenever and wherever it's convenient for people to participate.  Use VoiceThread for storytelling, as a presentation tool, to encourage discussion and collaboration.  Access VoiceThread via BCPS One --> Instructional Tools -->VoiceThread.  VoiceThread is single sign on for teachers and students.  Teachers have access to their class rosters directly through VoiceThread.


If the VoiceThread above does not load, be sure to enable all content on your browser.


Learning How 


To access VoiceThread, go to Instructional Tools in BCPS One.  VoiceThread is single sign-on*.  


BCPS VoiceThread User Guide


VoiceThread Quick Reference Guide


Embedding YouTube videos on VoiceThread (BCPS employees only)


VoiceThread Tutorials


*There are two common issues that occur when BCPS teachers first try to access VoiceThread. If a teacher had a VoiceThread account from the past, the first time they access VoiceThread from BCPS One/Instructional Tools they will be prompted to enter a password. If the password they used back then is not the same as it is today, which is highly likely, they will not be able to get in. They can use the link provided to reset that password but if that doesn’t work you need to contact Michael Fort with their full name and email address so he can manually reset the password. After they enter this password one time, single sign-in takes over.


The second problem that BCPS teachers and students sometimes encounter is missing rostered classes. If there are classes missing from the Groups in VoiceThread please contact Michael Fort with the name and user id of the student or staff member as well as the name of the missing class section.


DLU Workshop Module-VoiceThread Resources

Create a Sample VoiceThread

School Uniforms (Research)

School Uniforms (Sample VoiceThread)






A  tutorial showcasing VoiceThread

Remember you must sign up through BCPS FIRST! 


Ideas for Use



Reading/ Language Arts









World Languages

Physical Education






Check out this blog for TONS of examples of successful VoiceThread projects




Provide multiple means of

Representation (Content)


Provide multiple means of

Action and Expression (Product)


Provide multiple means of

Engagement (Process)




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