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TumbleBook Library

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 Using TumbleBooks

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TumbleBooks Link 


Table of Contents:

Visit the TumbleBook Library Database:
We recommend that you open the database in a new tab, and refer to it as you review this Snapshot.  
The database remote access username & password are needed if you are outside the BCPS network.






The TumbleBook Library collection has 1000 titles, including 300 TumbleBooks, 250 chapter books, 100 non-fiction books, 16 graphic novels, and much more! The collection includes licensed titles from children's book publishers such as Simon & Schuster, Chronicle Books, Candlewick Press, Charlesbridge Press, Harcourt, Little Brown, Walker & Company, Lerner Books, and HarperCollins Publishers, and video titles from National Geographic, among others. 


TumbleBooks are animated, talking eBooks which teach kids the joy of reading in a format they'll love! TumbleBooks are created by adding animation, sound, music and narration to existing books in order to produce an eBook which students can read and have read aloud to them. TumbleBooks provide enrichment for students who are reading independently with a variety of high interest material. They also provide support for students who require skill building with a variety of texts and exercises that support content curricula. TumbleBooks are a great addition to a reading program that can be worked on independently by each student or by the whole class. These resources have been exceptionally well received by ESL and Special Education teachers.


Target Audience: K-5

Content Connections: Reading/ELA, Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, Technology


TumbleBooks Interface


Standards Alignment

Click Common Core on the navigation bar, or select Common Core from the TumbleSearch drop-down menu, to search for TumbleBooks and related resources aligned to CCSS by grade level, including standards for:

  • Reading: Literary Text
  • Reading: Informational Text
  • Mathematics 


Content & Features

Resource Types:

  • Featured titles appear at the top of the page featuring books reflective of the time of year, genres, awards, and new books.
  • New titles present TumbleBooks that were recently added to the TumbleBook Library. 
  • Story Books include a wide selection of picture books including children's favorites.  See a complete list of titles.
  • Graphic Novels are hugely popular with young readers and feature text highlighting along with audio narration.  
  • EBooks/Read-Alongs are early chapter books for older elementary readers. While there are no animations, the ebooks are narrated. They also include Chapter menus so that you can jump chapters, and a bookmarks and notes feature which are saved as cookies onto your computer. Chapter Books also allow readers to change the colors of the background and text, as well as the font style, size, and line spacing. This makes these eBooks even more accessible to a wider range of readers.  
  • Language Learning includes a growing selection of books in Spanish, French and limited titles in World Languages (Chinese, German, Korean, Russian). Many are bilingual titles which allow the user to read the book in two languages. 
  • Nonfiction titles allow young readers the opportunity to explore stories about real animals, people, places and topics. 
  • Math Stories enable young learners to increase math skills while reading stories which help them learn to count, add, subtract and more. Games, quizzes and supplementary material accompany the books.Playlists provide access to themed mini-collections of related titles which play in sequence, as well as a link to TumbleTVan animated TV show with host Tommy Tumbler introducing new books and old favorites. Tommy is a stand up comic who tells jokes, riddles, and stories in between books. 
  • Videos include National Geographic titles which support content curriculum standards, covering subjects such as History, Geography, Social Studies and Science. Many of these videos are paired with non-fiction books in the collection. For example, students can read Meet the Meerkat by Darrin Lunde, and then watch an educational video from National Geographic to learn more about this fascinating creature. Several biographical videos are also included in the collection, including Benjamin Franklin and Muhammad Ali.
  • Puzzles and Games reinforce concepts from the books, allowing for learning experience that is both educational and fun.  



  • Home page displays a minimalistic interface which allows users to browse by the resource types listed above in Content & Features
    • Users can click on the resource types (New, Story Books, Graphic Novels,  EBooks, etc). to see the full list of titles. 
    • Scrolling to Browse
      • Users can also scroll horizontally through the book covers by hovering their cursor on the rightmost or leftmost book cover to scroll to browse titles. When they reach the end of the row by scrolling , users will see a More icon. Clicking this will take users to the full list.
      • Users who are using a tablet can use their finger or stylus to swipe the book covers left or right to browse other titles until they reach the More image, which will take you to the full list. 
  • Categories 
  • TumbleSearch redirects to the search page where users may search by Title, Author, Subject, Language, TumbleTime (length of TumbleBook), Genre, Lexile or Accelerated Readier level
    • Search results can be Viewed by Cover or Detail, and Sorted by Title (default), Newest, Author, or Reading Level, in Ascending or Descending order. An alphabetical index is also displayed.
    • Open a TumbleBook by clicking on the ‘View Online' button or on the cover of the book.    
  • Navigation Bar:
    • Index link provides a complete list of titles in the collection, displaying the Title, Author, and Type of resource (eBook, Read Along, Nonfiction, Story Book, Video, Playlist, etc). Use the "Sort by" drop down in the top right hand corner to sort by these fields. The icons on the left hand side show if the title has an Audio component (red Audio icon) or supplementary materials like quizzes or lesson plans (the blue Supplementary Content icon). Link directly to the resource by clicking on the title.  
    • Favorites displays title(s) which you have added to your My Favorites section by clicking the Add to Favorites button below a book title.  This feature is cookied onto individual computers. 
    • Playlist allows you to access a themed collections of eBooks which play in sequence just like a music playlist. In addition, you can create your own playlist by clicking on the Add to Playlist button below a TumbleBook. TumblePlayer allows users to preload a number of TumbleBooks in an online player in order to be played one after another. The TumblePlayer works just like an online music player. 
      • Please note that this feature is cookied onto your computer.
      • To access your customized playlist from any computer, you must create a MyCloud account and save your playlist there. 
    • Common Core provides a portal where teachers can search for content by grade level Common Core State Standards. 
    • My Cloud allows teachers to create a secondary login so you can retrieve your Favorites from any computer. Your email address is only used in order to facilitate password retrieval in case you lose or forget your password. TumbleBooks does not share or sell those email addresses and will not send you any unsolicited emails. 
    • Help provides technical specifications and troubleshooting FAQs. 


Learning Supports & Tools

  • Read-Along titles feature narration, sentence highlighting, and automatic page turning. 
  • Automatic/Manual Button:  In automatic mode, the pages turn by themselves and are narrated; while in manual, the narration and animation continue but children turn the pages at their own speed. A flashing arrow appears at the end of each page prompting the reader to turn the page. The sound off/on button allows the student to mute the narration and read to themselves. 
  • Pause Button: Both the student and teacher can use the pause button to stop the story at any time in order to practice story prediction, interpret pictures, discuss new vocabulary words, empathize with a character, discuss possible consequences of actions, encourage problem solving, or provide historical, geographical, or other perspectives. 
  • TumbleQuiz provides a fun, flash-animated multiple choice quiz that each student can take right online after reading a book in order to test reading comprehension. 
  • Book Report enable students to create their own book reports after reading a book, via an online form or printout.  
  • Language drop down menu allows users to view the entire website in Spanish or French. Instructions, news and descriptions of books are all in Spanish or French. Perfect for ESL, Bilingual, and French and Spanish programs. 
  • Mobile access: Users can access TumbleBooks via any reading/mobile device that has an Internet connection. The TumbleBook site should redirect mobile users to the "iPad & Mobile Device" page. To make sure you are on the correct site, check to see if the title in the site's header reads: "For iPad and Mobile Devices." If it does not say this, select Mobile from the Choose menu and then click "GO". Your page should refresh and now state "For iPad and Mobile Devices". Another way to check is to go to the "Story Books" section and check to see if the titles read as "TITLE (iPad)". For example: "50 Below Zero (IPad)". 
  • Lexiles/Reading Levels:  
    • Search by Lexile or recommended Reading Level using the TumbleSearch drop-down menu.
    • Search results display recommended Reading Levels. 
    • For more information about Lexile, visit the Lexile Resource Page on this wiki.


Tutorials & Guides


Educator Resources


  • Click Common Core on the top navigation bar to find books and Lesson Plans for specific skills.
  • Additional teaching/learning resources: 
  • Book Report Assessment Rubric (Grades 4-8)
  • Book Report Outline 
  • TumbleBook Library FAQs 
  • Testimonials from educators using TumbleBooks.
  • Direct Linking: To create a direct link to a specific article or resource for curriculum materials or digital learning environments:


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