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Teen Book Cloud (redirected from TumbleBook Cloud)

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 Using TEEN Book Cloud

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TEEN Book Cloud library contains over 400 eBooks, graphic novels, enhanced novels, classic literature, National Geographic video content, educator resources, and audiobooks. All of the content is available 24/7 on multiple device platforms.. Core Curriculum titles such as The Adventures of Huckleberry FinnThe Great Gatsby and Hamlet are included in the Read-Along collection, which provides full-length, professional narration to support readers. 


Target Audience: Grades 6-12

Content Connections: ELA, Reading, Science, Social Studies


Standards Alignment


  • Titles can be searched by Common Core State Standard using the Common Core button on the horizontal menu bar.


Content & Features


  • Content
    • eBooks: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Classics, Drama and Poetry, Middle School Fiction, Teen Fiction, Enhanced eBooks (contains Read-Aloud feature as well as related video content)
    • Videos: Video content from National Geographic in History, Science, Geography and Civics. 
    • Audiobooks: Audio content in the areas of Literature, Shakespeare, YA/Teen, Classics, and Non-Fiction.
    • Graphic Novels: Interactive and static graphic novel content. 
  • Features
    • Index: Provides a complete list of titles in the TumbleBook Cloud Library. 
    • Read-Along (Enhanced eBooks): This feature allows a student 
    • Highlighting: Students can highlight portions of books they are reading. 
    • Notes: Students can take note on passages within the book that they are reading. 
    • Customization: There are many options for customizing the font size, color, font face and spacing as well as the color of the background of the eBook.  




Main Navigation

Main Navigation

  • Home: Returns you to the main page of TumbleBook Cloud.
  • About: Gives an overview of TumbleBook Cloud.
  • Index: Gives you a list of the collection found within TumbleBook Cloud.
  • My Favorites: Allows you to see what books you have added to your favorites list (you need to sign up for a secondary account to save your favorites).
  • My Cloud: Create a secondary account to save and keep track of favorite books.
  • Common Core Portal: Search books by Common Core State Standards.
  • Contact Us: A way for you to contact TumbleBooks if needed.


eBook Navigation

eBook Navigation

  • Chapter Menu: Allows users to skip ahead or go back to a particular chapter.
  • Bookmark: Users can place a bookmark to remember where they stopped within an eBook.
  • Text Options: Customization area where the font size, font face, and text spacing can be changed. 
  • Colour Options: Allows users to change the color of the text and the background.
  • My Notes: Users can take notes as they read, using a pop up window that overlays the eBook interface. 
  • Help:  Gives a brief tutorial of the features within the eBook.
  • Forward and Back Buttons (left and right arrows- green and black): Changes the page of the eBook to the next page or the previous page.  
  • Play Button (blue and black): If this button is present, the eBook has a Read-Aloud feature and this button can be pressed to hear the book narrated as the words are highlighted on the screen. 


Audio Book Navigation

 Audio Book Navigation

  • Show/Hide: Will show all of the track listings of the audiobook when pressed. By default, it is set to hide, and will only show the current track being played.
  • Play: Will play the current track listed in the finder.
  • Stop: Will stop the current track being played.
  • Forward/ Previous:  Will skip ahead to the beginning of the next track(s) or go back to the beginning of the current track, or to the previous tracks as you click. 
  • Go to Bookmark: Will go to a previously set bookmark.
  • Set Bookmark: Will set a bookmark at the current location in the eBook. 


Learning Supports & Tools


Lexiles/Reading Levels: 

  • Users can search for content by reading level by using the drop down menu in front of the Search bar, select Reading Level. Another drop down menu will appear. Select Lexile and it will populate a final drop down menu to the right that has Lexile ranges to use for search. 
  • For more information about Lexiles, visit the Lexile Resource Page on this wiki.


Tutorials & Guides



Educator Resources


Direct Linking: Directions for creating a direct link to a specific article or resource for curriculum materials or digital learning environments.



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