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Tools for Communication and Collaboration

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P21 Skills and Tools


Tools for Communication and Collaboration 


Tools for Critical Thinking and Problem Solving  


Tools for Creativity and Innovation


Information, Media, and Technology Skills


For information and resources on communication and collaboration, visit  Partnership for 21st Century Skills. Students can use the tools below to communicate and collaborate.




Tools for Communication and Collaboration: Samples:
  • In this PBWorks example, students are asked to collaborate on a wiki to communicate their understanding of: “…the role of Irrational Numbers in applications.”   Padlet, VoiceThread, Wixie, and Edmodo, are other collaboration tools that can be used for similar purposes.
  • VoiceThread and PowerPoint are some communication tools that students can use to identify real-world examples of new concepts.  In this VoiceThread example, students are communicating their understanding of different types of triangles. 
  • Some other tools, like Voki, ActivInspire, Kidblog, and Make Beliefs Comix, can be used by students to communicate information in a nontraditional format.  Instead of written essays or oral reports, students can present their research using technology tools.  For example, this second grade student is using Voki to present information on bears.




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