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NBC Learn

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NBC Learn is a collection of over 14,000 standards-aligned video resources designed for use in the classroom. NBC Learn is only licensed to schools and universities.


Target Audience: Elementary, Middle, and High School students.

Content Connections:  Supports all content areas.




Standards Alignment

  • Aligned with state content standards for Math and English/Language Arts and with CCSS. 
    • Click State Standards at the top of any page to search for videos that align with specific standards.
    • Find Standard alignment at the bottom of a video by selecting the State Standard tab found underneath the video you are viewing.  A list of standards that are supported by this video pop up in a new window. 


Content & Features

  • Collections: Cue Cards are organized into collections sorted by content or topics.  Users can simply browse the collections by subject or conduct and advanced search to find specific information.
  • Cue Card:  a video player, image and document viewer and flash card all rolled into one. With the patented flip card technology, you can watch a streaming video from NBC News and then flip the card over for additional bibliographical information such as Source, Description, Dates and Keywords. More than just a video player, the Cue Card is the heart of the NBC Learn experience.
    • The Cue Card opens automatically as soon as you click on a thumbnail image from any NBC Learn page. The controls displayed on the Cue Card depends on the kind of resource the Cue Card contains. There is a set of features for video and audio playback and another for documents and images. 
  • Playlists: All of your saved Cue Cards are stored in My Playlists, which is located in the Main Navigation Bar at the top of every page. When you open the My Playlists page, the default view is a thumbnail display of all of the Cue Cards you have saved. You can organize, name and manage your Cue Cards in individual playlists that make sense for you.
  • Offline Player/ Downloading Videos:  All NBC Learn videos can be downloaded to your computer for viewing offline, sharing with colleagues and friends, or embedding in documents, presentations, etc. The first time you attempt to download, you will be prompted to install the Offline Player on your computer. The Offline Player is a lightweight program that will enable you to view, organize and share your downloaded NBC Learn resources.
  • Embed Videos:  Embedding downloaded videos requires that you previously installed the NBC Learn Offline Player and downloaded the specific video to your offline Library. When you present the PowerPoint, playing streaming videos will require an Internet connection. Playing downloaded videos will not. 



  • Home - helpful information about NBC Learn, including regularly updated Featured Resources. Click on any image at the top of the page to launch our Cue Card Media player and watch these featured videos in full. Read more about our revolutionary Cue Card player here.
  • Collections - the main Page for our extensive resources, organized in subjects for easy browsing.
  • My Playlists - where your saved resources are archived, and can be managed and organized
  • State Standards - search here for NBC Learn resources aligned to your state's standards
  • Help - find information about NBC Learn all of its features and functionality
  • Search Bar - At the far right of the main navigation bar, you can perform a simple search for resources in NBC Learn. Simply type your terms in the Search Box and click the magnifying glass button. Your search results will be displayed in the page.
  • Advanced Search -  To make your search more precise, click on the Advanced Search link next to the Browse link on the left of every page. Many more options to narrow or improve your search will be displayed in the page. Learn more about Advanced Search here.


Learning Supports & Tools

  • Navigate with the Touch of a Key: Significant changes have been made so that users without fine motor control or the ability to execute simultaneous actions may browse the latest collections and view the newest NBC Learn content with ease.

  • Vision Impairment Support: Users can view resources in high-contrast and change color ratio to increase visibility.

  • Assistive Technologies: Screen Reader support, Image Alternative Text, closed captioning, and full transcripts of the Cue Card videos are provided. 


Tutorials & Guides

  • Help Tab: Use the Help navigation tab to access help instructions/tutorials about NBC Learn.  Detailed, step-by-step instructions are given on every topic associated with this resource as well as detailed info-graphics about Cue Cards.
  • Webinars: Sign up for a webinar HERE.


Educator Resources

  • Using NBC Learn in the classroom
  • NOTE to teachers: Video content should be reviewed for age-appropriateness before using with a class.
  • Direct Linking: To create a direct link to a specific article or resource for curriculum materials or digital learning environments.
  • Access 
NBC Learn via the Digital Content tile in BCPS One to locate specific digital content. 
  • Click the SHARE button on the video‚Äôs Cue Card.
  • Click Copy URL to copy the Cue Card link. 




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