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History Reference Center

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History Reference Center is a comprehensive full text history reference database for secondary students. The database features full text for more than 1,620 reference books, encyclopedias and non-fiction books from leading history publishers. The database also includes full text for more than 150 leading history periodicals, as well as thousands of historical documents, biographies of historical figures, historical photos and maps, and more than 80 hours of historical video. 

Target Audience: Grades 6-12

Content Connections: Social Studies, U.S. History, World History, English/Language Arts 


Standards Alignment


Content & Features




Learning Supports & Tools  

  • Text to Speech allows students to listen to HTML full text articles as they are read aloud.
  • Translation of text available in 33 different languages.
  • Lexiles are labeled beside each resource title in Search Results, and in each Detailed Record; the Lexile number is linked to a Lexile Support page. Use Advanced Search to search by Lexile range or number.  
  • HRC Research Guide


Tutorials & Guides



Educator Resources

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