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 Using ProQuest CultureGrams

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CultureGrams provides an insider's perspective on daily life and culture around the world, including the geography, history, customs, and lifestyles of the world's people, covering more than 200 countries, each U.S. state, and all 13 Canadian provinces and territories.

Target Audience: Elementary, Middle, and High School aged learners

Content Connections: Social Studies, English Language Arts  


CultureGrams 4-minute Overview Video 

CultureGram Page Screenshot

Content & Features 

Authoritative Sources
Each World Edition report is written by a native or long-term resident of the country in coordination with a CultureGrams editor. Writers are selected for their education, knowledge of a national language, experience with different regions and socioeconomic groups, recent residency in the country, and access to current information. 

World Edition, Kids Editions, States Edition, & Provinces Edition 

  • Build your own Comparison Tables/Graphs: Create your own tables and graphs—just select the countries and categories that interest you. Up to four graphs can be generated at one time. You can choose to download your tables as CSV (comma separated value) files, which are compatible with Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet programs.
  • Photos:  Look through photo galleries with easy to cite images from all over the world.  Galleries are sorted by continent, and then by country. 
  • Videos: These videos show glimpses into the lives of people from around the world.  The video gallery is sorted by country.   
  • Slideshows: Slideshows are sorted by country and can be used by students or teachers to gain understanding.   
  • Interviews Gallery: The interviews show a personal first hand perspective from residents of specific countries or states.
  • Clickable Map: When an area of the map is selected, the user is taken to another screen with statistics and information about the topic. 
  • Recipes: Users are able to select "recipes" to view recipes from the culture they are researching.
  • Pro Sports Teams: This selection, seen in the States Edition and Provinces Edition, takes the user to a page that lists the pro Sports teams affiliated with that state or province.  
  • Flag Gallery: The flags gallery shows the flags from all the countries available in the World and Kids Editions, as well as the flags from the States and Provinces Editions.  Map outlines are available to print by selecting "print outline" beneath the flag.


Learning Supports & Tools 

  • Read Aloud:  From any page, click "Listen" at the top right of the frame.
    • The sentence is highlighted in aqua, and individual words are highlighted in blue as they are read aloud. Click the Stop icon on the Listen bar to turn off the read aloud feature. 
  • Citations: Select the "Generate Citation" link found underneath pictures, videos, or other media found on the site.  Then copy and paste the MLA citation into your works cited page.  Select the "Additional Citation Information" link found at the bottom of the homepage to find more citation support.
  • Lexiles/Reading Levels: 
    • Lexiles are not provided; however, you can use the Lexile Analyzer to find the Lexile measure.
    • For more information about Lexile, visit the Lexile Resource Page on this wiki.
  • Direct Linking:  


Tutorials & Guides


Educator Resources

  • Authenticate first by clicking CultureGrams icon on Digital Content tile in BCPS One to access these links:
  • Direct Linking: To create a direct link to a specific article or resource:  Copy the URL from the browser address bar. *Users may need to authenticate first by clicking on the CultureGrams icon in BCPS One > Digtial Content before accessing the direct link.



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