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What is Twitter? What is a Twitter Chat?  How do I participate in a Twitter Chat? Upcoming & Archived ODL Twitter Chats



What is Twitter?

Twitter is a tool teachers can access for discussion and collaboration.  Defined by Rossier Online "Twitter is basically a real-time social network that helps users share, follow, and interact with stories, opinions, links, pictures, and videos in 140-character messages." Check out our Twitter page for more information about how to use this powerful tool.



What is a Twitter Chat?


A Twitter chat involves a group of people meeting on Twitter at a specified time to discuss a topic using a common hashtag. The hashtag allows participants to follow and participate in the conversation during the chat. 


  • A Slow Twitter Chat 

A Slow Twitter Chat occurs over multiple days and is focused on a specific topic, with one question being posted each day. Participants answer the questions on their own time throughout the week using the agreed upon hashtag. Responses shared during an ODL Slow Twitter Chat will be archived below.


How do I participate in a Twitter Chat? 


Step 1: Right time, right place.
Log on to Twitter at the designated time (see the upcoming chats listed below). In the Twitter search bar, search for the chat's hashtag, #ODLChat. Alternatively, use a site such as Tweetdeck. This allows you to set up columns for hashtags which makes the conversation easier to follow.  Slow Twitter chats operate over a series of days, so you don't have to log on at a certain time.



Step 2: Notify your followers and fellow chat participants. (Not applicable for slow chats.)

Let your Twitter followers know before the tweet chat that they’ll be seeing a lot of messages from you. They’ll appreciate the warning and won’t be confused by your Twitter stream. You could even invite them to the tweet chat if you think they may be interested in the topic.  Then introduce yourself to the Twitter chat participants using the hashtag; generally this includes your name, school or state, and what you teach. 

Step 3: What to talk about. 
Throughout the chat, the moderator will ask questions, each one starting with a "Q" followed by the question number. Hence, keep an eye out for what the moderator is saying during the chat.  When you contribute your answer, start "A" and the question number to show what you are responding to. Add your answer and then add the #ODLChat hashtag so that others can find your contribution in the discussion. (Slow chat questions are posted in advance and can be answered any time during that day.)



Step 4: Challenge, Provoke. Question
The quality of any chat is dependent on the contributions. So make sure that you retweet what you think is worthwhile, that you ask questions of those who contribute something provoking, and that you share your thoughts.  Always use the chat hashtag so that everyone can follow along.



Upcoming & Archived ODL Twitter Chats



Slow Twitter Chat

February 22 - 24, 2017

Topic: Digital Learning Day

Date  Question  Moderator  Archive 


Feb. 22

Q1- How has technology enabled you to customize & personalize instruction this year?


Q2 - (For students*) How has technology in school increased your interest & provided choices for your learning?


Q1 Archive

Q2 Archive 


 Feb. 23

Q3 - Describe one new digital learning activity or strategy that you integrated this year. 


Q4 - (For students*) Describe one of your favorite lessons from this year.


Q3 Archive 

Q4 Archive 


 Feb. 24 

Q5 - What digital activities could you adopt to continue student learning outside the classroom?

Q5 Archive 


* Teachers should quote and share student responses through official school, class, and/or adult twitter accounts. Please adhere to student data privacy guidelines.






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