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Beyond the Furniture: Creating a Learner-Centered Environment - Space Workshop

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Beyond the Furniture: Creating a Learner-Centered Environment - Space





Workshop Description: 

We will use the Professional Learning Tool to identify how space is used to create a learner centered environment. You will be able to determine between the superficial appearance and actual evidence of a LCE.



Participants will explore the elements of Space on the Professional Learning tool to prepare for Students and Teachers Accessing Tomorrow.



Participants will be able to identify elements of space that support a learner-centered environment.





Displayed Work is Current and Evidences Choice and Pride    



Furniture is Strategically Arranged and Supports Instructional Outcomes    

Furniture and Arrangement from Niki Wienhold on Vimeo.


LCE-Use of Space from jsnell@bcps.org on Vimeo.



Visual Resources Support Students' Independent Thinking and Learning    


Resources and Materials are Organized and Available Based on Student Needs    





Exit Ticket:



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