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Using eBooks in Instruction

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Using eBooks in Instruction



Workshop Description

Participants will become familiar with BCPS eBook content for use in K-12 instruction by: 

  • Examining various eBook offerings in their school’s library collection and eBooks offered in BCPS licensed databases. 

  • Reviewing the interface and organization of the eBook collections. 

  • Locating and using embedded learning supports. 

  • Creating direct links to eBook content for student access in BCPS One. 

  • Accessing support resources for using eBooks and their features. 

Outcome:  Participants will learn about eBook collections and their features in order to facilitate learner-centered instruction. Indicator: Participants will be able to use eBooks to facilitate and differentiate student learning and research. 
Audience: Teachers | All Grade Levels | All Subjects



1. Connect:
 What might be some benefits of using eBooks in a learner-centered, blended learning environment?
    Post your response on this
Padlet wall.

2. Make notes for future reference about great eBooks you discover today, and ideas for using these with your students in the context of your curriculum.  Use organizers in print or digital format:   DLU Notes  |  Elementary S.T.A.T. Summer Institute Notes

3. Accessing eBook sources:  Use CHROME for functionality of some eBooks.


  • LOG IN to BCPS One and select the Digital Content tile to access eBooks from the databases listed below on the right.
    • Snapshots & Support pages on the ODL Resource Wiki are available under the orange question mark for each eBook database icon.
  • To access the Cherry Lake 21st Century Learning Collections for Grades 1-4 and 4-8 (shown below on the left):




4. Overview of each eBook source:  Your instructor will provide a brief overview of each eBook source and features including:

  • Audience/grade levels and curriculum connections
  • Formats, text types, Lexiles & reading levels
  • Collection navigation & searching
  • eBook Reader interface & embedded reading/learning supports and tools
  • Direct linking procedures (for placing direct links to eBooks on BCPS One Lesson Tiles)

6. Guided Practice and exploration of each eBook collection: 

  • Practice using the interface to locate titles/content relevant to your curriculum and your students; make a note of these.
  • Preview some eBooks and practice using their features, including embedded reading/learning supports and tools. 
  • Peruse Support Resources available for each eBook collection to identify useful resources for future reference.  

7. Accessing eBooks for professional learning:  Log into BCPS One and select the Professional Learning tile to access eBooks on the ASCD Bookshelf.  Explore this collection, which includes titles published by ASCD and ISTE.  

8. Reflect & Share:  Discuss with a partner or small group and share out:

  • What are some advantages of eBooks over print books?
  • Share an example of one student eBook you found, and how you might use it in your classroom to support learner-centered instruction in a blended learning environment.
  • How might eBooks from the 21st Century Learning collection be useful for helping students to develop P21 skills, including The 4C's, in the context of your curriculum?

9. DLU Reflection 



  • Tiny URL for this Workshop wiki page:  http://tinyurl.com/DLUebooks  
  • Workshop NOTES 

  • BCPS One > Digital Content tile - Access to the eBook sources listed below:
    • eBooks in Grades K-5:  Destiny eBooks, Gale Virtual Reference Library, SIRS Discoverer, TumbleBook Library, TumbleBook Cloud Jr.
    • eBooks in Grades 6-12: Destiny eBooks, Gale Virtual Reference Library, SIRS Knowledge Source (for SIRS Discoverer), TumbleBook Cloud 
    • Click the ORANGE ? on these icons to access a database Snapshot & Support page on the ODL Resource Wiki. 
    • See Destiny Discover & eBooks support page on BCPS Librarians' Resource Wiki.
    • See also Destiny DIscover Reading Paths 
  • ODL Library Media eBooks page - Links to all BCPS eBook collections, including 21st Century Learning Collections from Cherry Lake Publishing (PDF eBooks for grades 1-8 on a variety of 21st Century skills.
  • -Some eBooks are labeled by Lexile, or searchable/sortable by Lexile: 
  • BCPS One >Professional Learning tile - Access to eBooks for professional learning on the ASCD Bookshelf.


DLU Reflection




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