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Take Home Procedure for Students

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Take Home Procedure for Students



Student checklist for taking home a device




Your digital device will work better with fewer problems if you follow the steps below:

  1. You should close all the open apps on the device from the Metro view and the desktop view. Use the Windows key to switch between the two views.













                                            a. While in Metro view,












                                                swipe the open apps from top to bottom to close them. 










                                         b. For desktop applications, either click the X in the upper right corner of each application,








                                             or right-click the application icon in the task bar and select Close all windows







      2. Shut the device down. Press the power icon in the task bar.   









      3. Place the device in its bag. 



      4. Place the bag in your book bag.



Follow the same steps to bring your device from home to school.







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